Decrease the bounce rate by redesigning the navigation



Navigation, Insurance


Internship project which will be implemented in 2024


6-8/2023 (2 months)


Figma, Mural


UX Information Architect:  James Go
UX/UI Designer: Jessica Foster, Nicole Bordeau, Christine Suggs
UX Writer: Jill Gordon, Melissa Gray
UX Researcher: Ryan O’Brien


During my internship with the acquisition team, I collaborated with a cross-functional team to redesign the main navigation of

Working closely with the researcher, I gained an understanding of the user problem and designed solutions based on research, data, and usability best practices. Despite being an intern, I contributed valuable ideas that had an influence on the final design.


Difficulty finding and navigating through products

Customers are having difficulty finding the products or information they need because of the design of the dropdown menu. They are also getting confused between the quotation tiles and the product information.


Redesign the main navigation as a mega menu

Use the clarity of a Mega Menu to display a list of information in a direct and organized manner.

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Final Design



Help users to find what they want effortlessly

Once the design is completed, the testing team will conduct A/B testing to determine whether my design or my teammate's design performs better.

To measure the success of the design, the team can test the following metrics: the time it takes for users to reach their destination, the decrease in false clicks, and the level of confidence and ease users feel after using it.

What I Learned

Understand the problem through research

I contacted the researcher before knowing that I would be working on this project. The time I spent reviewing the research greatly helped me in understanding the problem I was trying to solve and creating more purposeful designs.

I also learned from my teammates how to conduct research, utilize statistics to make decisions, and effectively persuade the business of the importance of data-driven research.

Next Step

Keep improving the quoting and the secondary navigation

Even though my internship is coming to an end with this project, there are aspects I would have liked to continue working on to further enhance the navigation experience. This includes refining the design of the quoting links and the secondary navigation.

Project under NDA

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