Acquire clients by refreshing the company website



Responsive Web Design, Landing Page


Internship Project that went live in 2022


7-8/2021 (4 weeks)






As the sole designer of this website redesign project, I worked independently from wireframing to prototyping.

I closely communicated with stakeholders, the project manager, and developers to ensure that the redesign aligned with the company's vision, could scale in the future, and was feasible within technical constraints.

Additionally, I initiated a discussion on the design system to encourage collaboration and maintain consistency across teams.


To acquire new clients after changing company services

The company shifted its business focus from STEM education to software development utilizing AI. They wanted to redesign their company website in order to reposition themselves as an innovative and reliable software development company.


Redesign the company website to showcase the company to potential clients

By updating the brand style and website design, it successfully conveys a new business impression to potential clients. The live site was published in 2022.

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From STEM Educator to Software Development Startup

Kodifly is a software development startup that originally operated as a STEM education provider under the name AI Academy. After completing its transition, it sought to create a new website to showcase its rebranded identity and the new services it offers.

The original website



Interpreting the content with quick sketches

After receiving the initial content created in PowerPoint, I reviewed it, asked questions, and sketched out some wireframe ideas.


Align with the team on page structure

Next, I created a wireframe with 12 pages to facilitate discussion with the team before moving on to the high-fidelity prototype.


Iteration on Wireframe

Updates based on usability and development best practices

My manager, developers, and I had a discussion about the wireframe. We agreed that the overall direction was good, but it would be even better to iterate on some modules to align with usability best practices and enhance ease of development.

Vertically align content for easy scanning

I proposed combining the "work" section and the "client" section to build trust with the client regarding the company's ability to deliver high-quality solutions to large corporations.

The team agreed that this was a great solution, and they suggested vertically aligning the content to make the message stronger.

The "our clients" module
Put contact information into the footer

To simplify development, the "contact us" module has been relocated to the footer as it was duplicated on multiple pages.

Additionally, I have made accessibility improvements by changing the text to white on a dark background.

The footer
Convert form into a single column

To prevent users from skipping fields when filling out a two-column form, I have edited it to be presented in a single column instead.

The "new business form"
Mood board

Explore visual direction with two options

After reviewing the initial prototype with the team, I received feedback to explore an additional design direction. The stakeholders expressed a preference for a clean and modern style. To gain further clarity, I created a new mood board, which served as a guide for designing the second prototype.

Mood board option 1: gradient and mysterious
Mood board option 2: clean and modern

Final Design


Intentional design that helps the business grow

Homepage: Introduce the business and establish trust

The goal of the homepage is to quickly introduce the company to potential clients and generate interest in working with us.


Portfolio & Blog: Use cards to organize contents

Reusable modules that make it easy for user to scan and the business to update content.

Portfolio & Blog
Service: 1 templates, 6 services

The company provides technology solutions in 6 categories. A template is designed to make it easy for the company to build, edit, and add new service pages as the business expands.

Get-a-quote: Easy-to-fill-out quote form

Since quoting is an important part of acquiring new clients, it is designed to be seamlessly easy to understand and fill out.

Get a quote

Organized style guide and file structure

When I first joined the company, I discovered that there was no proper file set-up established. This could be due to the small team size and close communication among team members. However, implementing a more organized system would greatly improve efficiency. Therefore, I introduced the benefits of a systemized design to the company and initiated the establishment of this project.

Color palette
Typeface and type scale



Establish Kodifly as a trusted software development company

This redesign achieves the goal by showcasing the services and strengths of Kodifly. It effectively communicates the modern and reliable quality of the business in a clear and concise manner.

What I Learned

Ask questions and be open to feedback

I remember feeling quite confident when presenting my wireframe and prototypes to the team, only to discover that it wasn't quite there yet. This experience made me realize that I should have asked more questions at the beginning to fully understand the project goals and technological constraints.

It is also important for me to be open to feedback and be willing to incorporate it into my work.


Collaborate with the developers when building the website

During the design phase, I maintained close communication with the developers to understand the technical constraints. However, I did not have the opportunity to work directly with them during the development phase. I wish I had collaborated with them to gain a better understanding of how the design translates into a live site. Additionally, I wanted to assist in the process and identify ways to improve its efficiency.

Project under NDA

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